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How can I receive a FREE Battlegames NFT drop?

Battlegames NFT drops are randomly distributed to whitelisted WAX wallets, and or pre-existing Battlegames NFT hodlers. Get whitelisted through community events and hodl your NFT’s for the best chances to score a drop!

How can I get whitelisted for NFT drops?

The million dollar question! Participate in community events through our Discord server or social media channels to be whitelisted.

When do NFT drops occur?

There is no set schedule. On Drop Day the majority of minted assets are dropped to accounts that have either been whitelisted throughout the season or are a qualifying existing NFT hodler.

I’m whitelisted, am I guaranteed to receive a drop?

We wish you luck, but no, we cannot guarantee that you receive a drop. The total number of cards minted for each new drop depends on the cards Rarity Level. For example the card with the largest max print run will be our Rare’s, with a maximum of 100 cards minted. The whitelist or qualifying number of participants will always certainly exceed 100 members, therefor not everyone will receive a drop.

How does Battlegames seasons work?

Each season we refresh our whitelist, give our card frames a new look, and do what we do best. Connect with artists and mint Limited Edition NFT’s! A season may last anywhere from 1-4 months.

I’m an Artist, how can I participate?

Awesome! Connect with us in Discord and we can chat about contributing an illustration to be minted. We are trying to stick with the following themes as much as possible: Blockchain, Gaming, Comics, Movies/TV, Pop Culture, Comedy, and Seasonal Events.

What are the different rarity levels? ?

Rare | Max 100
Epic | Max 50
Legendary | Max 25
Mythic | 10