Our Story

We’re on a mission is to create value for digital collectors through the minting and gamification of Limited Edition Digital Collectibles.

We promote digital artwork in the collectibles space such as those created by our collective or even other creative projects in the space. 

The result is an active digital community capable of onboarding the masses to distributed, trustless technology! ✨



Who We Are

Since our inception in 2018 Battlegames has remained a loose knit community of crypto enthusiasts with roots in Blockchain Gaming and Digital Collectible NFT’s.

Official channels include the Website, YouTube, Discord Server, HIVE Blog, and Publish0x Blog.



With the goal of creating a sustainable digital collectibles community in mind, we commit to the following.


Promote Artists

Artists are at the core of many digital collectible offerings and we’re committed to seeing that they garner the attention they deserve.


Our Collection

Battlegames digital assets feature artwork from a variety of digital artists. All collectibles are published using blockchain, each uniquely identifiable with proven ownership and scarcity.


Free Airdrops

Battlegames NFT’s are airdropped FREE to collectors that engage with our community.  Revenue is generated from commissions on secondary markets.


Community Focused

Battlegames has always been about supporting digital communities and their content through distributed and open source tech. This will never change.