The Battlegames Social Hub is an open source decentralized social media platform built on the HIVE blockchain. Content creators are free to post content relating to Blockchain Gaming and NFT’s. When platform users upvote content they like, creators earn rewards in the form of $BATTLE token, a 2nd layer token powered by Hive-Engine.

To use the Battlegames Social Hub you will need a HIVE blockchain account which is free.  Also required is a HIVE wallet known as Hive Keychain (Chrome Extension).

Step 1) Make a Free HIVE account through

Step 2) Download and install the HIVE Keychain Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Step 3) Add your new account and private keys to your HIVE Keychain wallet.

Step 4) Login to our Social Hub , create content and earn cryptocurrency.

Content created on the HIVE blockchain can be viewed using a multitude of front ends including one of our favorites If you have any questions along the way you can always pop into our Discord and ask.

The following video will help guide you through the process of getting started.